Laptop-free silent zones

You wrote:

Please create silence areas in Webster (SGW) library that do not permit laptops. I find a quiet spot and someone arrives with their laptop and starts typing or there is a quiet spot but for one person who is very eagerly typing then stops, clicks on the mouse starts to type, stops…. It is not that they are loud per se but relative to the surrounding they are a distraction if one is reading and trying to figure out something or other. If whispering is not permitted then I do not see the difference.

I suggest making small absolute silence areas like the small silent room LB-201 on the 2nd floor (facing  de Maisonneuve) and the glassed off area on the 4th floor (facing Bishop). Maybe try one for starters and see if there is more demand for these places. As for now, I cannot find a quiet place in the library till the evening when most students leave.

If there is more demand for absolute quiet areas in the future, all it would mean is that more of the people with laptops be seated elsewhere and near each other which would be fine as that creates a continuous typing sound.

As finals are nearing it is more difficult to find a quiet spot to study in the Webster library.

The question of typing sounds in silent areas is a challenging one – thanks for voicing your concerns and for taking the time to offer your ideas. While typing can understandably be distracting and frustrating for some students like you, for others, laptops and keyboards have become second nature and are an essential part of their work and study process.  Some larger libraries do have laptop-free study zones.  We appreciate your concrete suggestions for the silent rooms and will consider them as part of our ongoing review of the new Study Zones.

4 thoughts on “Laptop-free silent zones

  1. Anonymous

    I really like this suggestion as it can solve many issues (noise, power bars) I would suggest to have laptop work zones in areas that are already noisy (for example like the 2nd and 3rd floor computer areas). By retrofitting these areas for laptop users and designating them as orange zones would allow other areas in the library to become blue zones.

    Also when the library does expand to the 5th floor I suggest they create as many group study areas on that floor as the existing offices on the floor can probably be quickly converted to group study areas. I think this should definitely relieve the noise problems in other areas of the library.

  2. Anonymous

    Seriously? Laptop free zones? You know, I’ve also heard of libraries that hand out earplugs.

  3. Anonymous

    When it comes to the final time,in fact in any given time during the semester,the library should be remained as a place for studying only. if there is any personal chat or emergency calls,they should be taking somewhere else,and it doesn;t take an idiot to figure out why.

  4. Anonymous

    I strongly disagree with the idea of laptop free zones. Many of us take our notes on our computers (either from typing or using tablet PCs). I am one of those students. When I use my laptop in the library, I use it for reading notes and writing assignments. I suggest you invest in some earplugs or start coming to the library earlier in the day (the library is virtually empty until 10:30-11:00am.

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