Coffee & Study

You  wrote:

I was wondering what are the other study areas on campus, besides the library? The library system, and buildings are wonderful, but it is a major hindrance to not be able to have a coffee while studying. I understand not wanting liquids or food in the stacks areas, but I can’t see the detriment to have a coffee while doing work at one of the large tables. I often study in coffee shops in the downtown area, but they don’t provide the large tables, quiet and environment of the library. Clearly these tables are meant for studying and doing work, but its a bit ridiculous to think that someone can dig in for a big study session (which for many can be upwards of four hours) without a little caffeine boost. Coffee and studying/writing papers go hand in hand for students.

Is there any chance that this “no food” rule can change in the future?  In the mean time, could you please let me know if there is anywhere on campus that combines my love of quiet, large tables and coffee?

Here is something that might help:  like water bottles, spillproof mugs are allowed in the library.  All other food and drink are prohibited, including disposable coffee cups, since there is always a danger of spills and stains. 

 As for alternate study locations which allow coffee in any kind of container  (but don’t guarantee a quiet environment), here is a list of group study spaces that includes local Concordia buildings as well as cafes and public places.

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