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I would like to see an easier way to manage the lendable laptops at the library. It would be fantastic if some form of self checkout, self returning policy was made availiable. It would make it easier for students and for the library staff.  As long as the place was under surveillance and you could only take out a laptop with a student card there shouldn’t be a problem. 

Ideas to make laptop lending more efficient for students and staff are always most welcome. There are no immediate plans for a laptop self-checkout system at the Libraries, however, nor could I find any other libraries that currently offer such a service. This is probably mainly due to logistical obstacles related to battery power and other peripherals, as well as to the significant cost and fragility of laptops. Your suggestion is appreciated and will be kept in mind as a possible service to manage our laptop fleet. Thanks for writing.

2 thoughts on “Laptop checkout

  1. Anonymous

    Perhaps also improve the quality of the laptops?
    I’ve borrowed but one and returned within 30 minutes as I got so fustrated with how poorly the machine worked.
    Unsure as to whether it was that one computer in particular or not but I do know I rather wait for a seated computer in the library any day over getting a labtop that crashes and works poorly with the internet if at all.

  2. Anonymous

    Must have gotten a dud. On average, the laptops have always performed well for me. I really don’t think it’s possible for the library to buy a better product than the Thinkpad for lending. These computers are very well made (and they aren’t cheap either).

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