Individuals in the orange zone

You wrote:

I have just a few questions. First off, what is the purpose of the orange zones? The reason I use the orange zones is to work with 2 or 3 people together to do homework or studying. We don’t talk loud but obviously we need to talk in order to discuss homework problems. The other day library staff approached us and told us that we need to keep talking to a minimum. I don’t understand, if everyone uses the orange zone for light group discussion then who would they disturb? If people really want a silent place to study then they should go to the blue zone.  Therefore I say the orange zone should be left for people who need to talk in groups.

Another problem I noticed is that when I am looking for a table to study in groups in the orange zone, there are always people who take up a whole table when they are by themselves. If people really want to work alone then they should be forced to occupy a single table in the blue zone and not take up a whole 4 seat table in the orange zone. Library staff should politely ask these people if they are not waiting for anyone to then proceed to a smaller table so as to leave room for groups of 2 or more people to use the table.

You also wrote:

What I don’t understand is why in the Webster library I always find orange zone tables occupied by only one person. When I am with my group looking for a table to work on our homework we always find a couple of tables with only one person sitting there, with all their books spread out on the table. The table is meant to seat 4 people yet these people use it all for themselves. This is frustrating because during times of exams it becomes harder to find available orange zone tables. Library staff should post signs making it clear that the large table are reserved for groups of 2 or more people and that if people choose to work alone they should find a cubicle in the blue zone.

Thank you for your posts.  There is no reason for you and your group to pass up a partially-occupied table. The one person sitting at an Orange Zone table should be prepared to share the space. The Orange Zone is not expressly for group study – it is for “quiet” study with an allowance for talking. Individuals are therefore welcome to use the Orange Zone, but they obviously should expect to have many groups around them. 

FYI, here is a list of group study spaces that includes local Concordia buildings as well as cafes and public places.

2 thoughts on “Individuals in the orange zone

  1. anymous

    The purpose of the orange zone is to allow you to exchange ‘sporadically’ in a ‘non invasive’ way with your study partner(s) while still maintaining the area as a place conducive to studying. I don’t need to hear what my neighbours have to say about the party they just went to, but I don’t mind if they are discussing quietly (in a soft voice) about a class project. The way my fellow students use this facility does not reflect the space as a library. If you need to work in a collaborative or raucous way please use the group study rooms or facilities outside the library.

  2. Anonymous

    These posters don’t seem to understand the concept of a library.We are lucky enough to have a library that even allows any discussion whatsoever. Security staff really needs to enforce silence in the library. Also, something has to be done about the amount of food entering the library. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to require anything other than a bottle of water. I find it absolutely disgusting to come in to the library in the morning and find half eaten hamburgers lying on the shelves and computers. Someone clearly isn’t doing their job during the night shift.

    As for those who complain about large tables being used by individuals; some of us have large projects/heavy courses to study for…Courses that require many books, notes, equipment, computers etc. If we happen to arrive at an empty table and need this space, we are just as entitled as anyone else. I often occupy the large tables, but when people wish to share the space, I move my stuff over (providing they aren’t simply looking for a place to socialize).

    You will also notice that 90% of the time, these students you complain about are using computers. There is a shortage of power outlets in the library, and we are forced to work at the large tables in order to use our computers and receive wireless reception.

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