Newspapers via Press Display

You wrote:

After recently studying at McGill I came to realize that they have a wonderful database called Library Press Display which gives a massive selection of newspapers from all around the world. Taking a media class I found this site very useful and was very disappointed to find out that Concordia does not have it.

As Concordia has a limited selection of print newspapers this website could be used to compensate. It would be useful to all students who either need to do projects within communications or for those who just plainly wish to read the news from different papers! The format in which the search engine was organized was quite impressive and very useful to my studies. Thank you for your consideration!

Press Display is definitely a useful database, and one we would consider adding to our news databases should finances allow in the future. In the meantime, however, note that any Québec resident can access this resource via the Bibliothèque et Archives Nationale du Québec (BANQ).  You simply need to fill out the form for subscription to remote services and once you obtain the appropriate username and password, you can access Press Display via the BANQ’s online resources page.  Please feel  free to use one of our Ask a Librarian  services if you need more information or instructions.

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