2 Hot 2 Study!

You wrote:

I would just like to bring to the attention that
pleasantly changing weather outside is leading to some
unpleasant changes indoors. It is boiling hot in the
library and it makes it really hard to study. Add into
the equation a couple of extra thousand students during
the exam period and your basically studying in a
pressure cooker. Please adjust the temperature of the
termostat accordingly in the library… (Put on the

Thank you for reporting this.  I’m sorry to hear that you have been having a hard time studying because of the uncomfortable temperature in the library. We will try to adjust the temperature. Often during this time of year, it takes a while for the temperature to regulate.

2 thoughts on “2 Hot 2 Study!

  1. Anonymous

    Agreed! I found this to be a big problem yesterday, in the extension area of the 4th floor. (Down the 3 stairs near the washroom.)

  2. Anonymous


    Personally, I have the opposite problem. I can never stay for more than three hours to study (on the 4th floor), because it’s freezing! I am always cold when I am at the library, and wear my jacket. I’ve noticed other people wearing jackets too (while studying), so I’m not the only one.

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