The Sound of Silence

You wrote:

I find the study zones are helping in the library, but
I would like to make a suggestion that I find will not
be too intrusive. Some people, as they’ve told me flat
out when I asked them to stop talking, seem to believe
Silent Study means whispering is acceptable. I find
this on a daily basis.

I’d suggest update the signage, and possibly increase
it, with a note that Silent Study means “Absolutely NO
noise whatsoever”.

I agree that people will need time to adjust to the
zones. However, at this point, I think the situation
is pretty stable. It’s not going to get better or
worse, without any changes. I don’t believe this
suggestion is overtly difficult, nor will people be
offended. However, silent study really needs to mean
that the only sounds people will hear are papers
shuffling and and footsteps. For some people, even the
lowest whisper is distracting.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

3 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence

  1. Anonymous


    I’ve noticed the same thing too. Almost each time I am studying in a Blue Zone, there are two people whispering. It’s very disturbing and it doesn’t let me concentrate, because I can hear what they are saying. I’ve never said anything to anyone, but I think it’s pretty clear what a Blue Zone means.

  2. libsuggestions Post author

    I have noticed all the efforts that have been made by the Webster library in order to increase the awareness about silence in the library, and I appreciate this new initiative.


    Studying in the Webster library has become a frustrating experience, despite all your endeavours. What is it wrong with the students at Concordia? Lack of civic spirit? Don’t they understand that a library’s environment purpose is to remain silent? Shall the security agents intervene in order for silence to be observed at all time?

    I don’t get it. I just hate studying at the Webster library. Lack of everything: silence, space, computers. Did you also know that the cubicules are not soundproof and that borrowing a book at the self-help stations did not work well?


    – remind students in emails that the library has to remain silent and to please respect this or to leave for the sake of others

    -tattoo in giant posters everywhere that library has to remain silent

    – make sure that security agents walk more often on the floors while making sure that the floors are silent

    – install a huge notice board at the entrance of the library that says: please remain silent at all times

    – forbid talking

    I just hope that something can be done. In the meanwhile, I’ll work in cafes and Vanier.

  3. libsuggestions Post author

    As i browse through the archives I have noticed a
    numerous amount of suggestions and comments regarding
    noise complaints… It has been over a year now, and
    why don’t I see a change?

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