Socializing in the Lobby

You wrote:

I have written a suggestion here before complaining about the high noise level in the main lobby on the 2nd floor of the Webster Lobby.

People lounge on the sofas chatting into their cell phones and socializing in groups so loudly we can hear them in the “Blue Zone” computer lab. Various people keep leaving the lab to ask them to be quiet but nobody seems to be respecting the fact that the 2nd floor is still a part of the library and as they chat and socialize, its very disturbing to us working on the computers in the lab.

Especially during stressful exam time,where peace and quiet is vital, its highly frustrating that the 2nd floor is served as a place to socialize. Is this not a library? Where else can we study in peace and quiet? Isn’t that what a library is for?

Can it not be a rule for students who wish to socialize in groups and talk loudly on their cell phones to LEAVE the library past the circulation desk detectors? Why should we in the “Blue Zone” computer lab hear all the noise and socializing and chitchatting going on whilst we need to use the computers for research and writing?

You are unfortunately right to say that students in the 2nd floor Webster lobby do not always treat the area as part of a library.  We are looking at ways to try to rectify this situation, including physical, furniture and carpeting changes to the lobby, and designating the currently ‘unzoned’ lobby as a quiet area. 

When doing their rounds in the library, staff and security try to keep noise down even in hallways and the lobby, especially if it seems to be leaking into Blue Zones and disturbing the people there.   Thanks for letting us know that this may not be enough.

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