Courtesy emails from the Library

You wrote:

Hi, I appreciate receiving a notice via e-mail that one of my books is overdue (I had simply forgotten to renew it, and there are no holds on it). Of course it would be *considerably* more useful to get the notice the day before the book is due, not the day after. I see on your website that “Failure to receive an e-mail reminder of the due date does not waive the Libraries’ right to apply fines” and I don’t disagree. But if  you’re going to bother to set up an email reminder system, why not have it kick in before the $1/day fines start piling on? For one thing, you’d presumably get books returned sooner (good for everyone) and for another it would save students the admittedly small but not insignificant fines. It seems like Libraries has deliberately chosen not to be courteous – why?

Two days before a book is due,  we automatically send out courtesy notices to remind a student to bring the book back. At this point, a student can either return the book or renew it so long as they have no outstanding fines and no one else has placed a request on the book.

Is it possible you could have missed this email? We have not had technological issues that would have prevented such messages from being sent in the last few days.

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