Summer Hours

We had two recent comments about summer hours at the library:

Hello, i want to know if the library will be opened 24 hours in the summer 1 in the exams period, because i really want to study for my hard classes and i just cant study at home because i live in noisy place especially in the summer, and my classes are all after noon ,so i cant just go to the library to study for 1 hour. plus i found that studying individually in the library is really good for me and i guess for all students who really want to study. thank you.

Another student wrote:

Hello, I would like to suggest the opening hour for study in Webster library. During the Summer time, it opens only from 8:30 to 10:00, but why don’t you open only second floor to study? In fact, there are a lot of student studying until later than 10 o’clock.

Thank you for your suggestions and questions about summertime hours. There are far fewer students on campus during the summer, so we do not keep the same 24/7 hours. It is a considerable expense to keep the library open for extended hours. We need to pay for additional cleaning and security. Since we use funds from the CSU to support the extra hours, we felt that we would not maintain the 24 hours during the summer session.

However,  we will be open 24 hours a day during the two summer exam periods: from June 17 -23 and then from August 13-19. We are happy to have your feedback on the hours.

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