Printing from the catalogue

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When printing out the catalogue info to pick up a book, I was a bit frustrated to note that the information somehow is spread over three pages in print form. It could easily fit on only one! Not only is this a waste of money and paper, but isn’t there a way to set the print previews so that it only takes up the printing it warrants? Thanks.

Wasting money and paper to print blank or useless pages happens all too often and is always frustrating. Thanks for writing about this. The best way to ensure “optimal” printing from the CLUES screen for a book you want is to use the print icon on the right, just beside the RefWorks button. This should normally avoid any wasted pages, and it provides you with a good preview of what you are about to print.  If it doesn’t help with your problem, please write back to us and include your email so we can find out more about your particular situation. We never include email addresses in our online posts, we use them only for personal exchanges.

And as a side note, there is a new feature in CLUES that allows you to text the book info to your cell phone instead of printing. To learn more about it, see this Bibliofile article.

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