Slamming book trucks

You wrote:

I find concordia has a great library; however, I understand that it is important for staff to return the books and require a cart to move the books, but every time they make a huge noise and they slam between the elevator and 3rd and 4th floor. Many graduate students and undergraduate students are trying to study and yes their job is important but they should care about sharing a quiet studying environment for everyone. instead of blasting their headphones and going thru the ailes.

Thank you for your comment.  You are right.  We are all responsible for ensuring a quiet environment in the libraries.  We apologize for the inconvenience of noise made by staff members working. Book carts loaded with books are heavy and not always easy to manouevre. Empty book carts tend to rattle and be noisy as well. Nevertheless, your complaint has been noted.

If you require a silent study space, you may be glad to know that LB201 reopened yesterday.  It is a blue, silent study zone.

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