Summer-time not so quiet

You wrote:

When I come to the library I expect a relatively quiet environment. Ten minutes ago I had to leave the table where I was trying to work on my thesis because of a woman working for the library throwing books into one of those carts making a lot of noise. When I asked her to please stop throwing the books and making noise she didn’t apologize, she didn’t even answer me, she started talking to another woman who said she would call her supervisor. I don’t have time to waste and I don’t care about her supervisor, this is supposed to be a library. How does Concordia expect its students to work? Is it too much to ask for a little respect from people working at the library?

Thank you for communicating with us. I am sorry that you had a negative experience in the library yesterday. It seems that part of our collection at the Webster Library is being shifted. Sometimes in the process of moving the items from shelf to booktruck, books fall on the booktruck and this can cause noise. It is difficult to avoid. It is regrettable, but certain projects must move forward and we have to take advantage of the quieter, summer months to complete them.

Thanks to your comment, we now have prepared signs advising users that work is in progress in that area and that may result in some noise.

It also seems that LB201 (the study hall on the 2nd floor) reopened yesterday, so you are welcome to using that area.

Best wishes to you as you work on your thesis!

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