Music nuisance

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  1. It would be really great if we can get small study rooms for 1 person.       
  2. Also, MP3 players/headphones should be banned in the blue zone, maybe no one respects the rules. I am studying right now (blue zone) and music from earphone is coming from behind, i can’t change my location; everything is on my desk and i don’t have time to waste switching.  
  3. Just my two cents…

  Thanks very much for these two cents.   

  1. A nice silent study room for one person sure would be nice, but in light of our current overall space limitiations, it just isn’t feasible.   We call them Group Study Rooms, but maybe we should rename them Group Work Rooms, as they are mainly intended to keep the necessary noisy group project discussions sealed away from the quiet and silent study areas of the library.
  2. You definitely should not have to be the one to switch locations if someone is making noise in a silent study zone.  Since you could hear the music from where you were sitting, this disturbance would be considered in the same category as conversation or “cell phone disturbance”,  neither of which are allowed in the silent zones.  You would have been perfectly entitled to ask the person to turn the music down.   It might even have come to a surprise to  him or her that the music was audible to others.

Thanks again for your comment, and remember that you can also always ‘talk’ to us live via  Ask a Librarian chat during service hours.

One thought on “Music nuisance

  1. Anonymous

    I totally agree with this comment. Well, maybe it would be too much (and impossible) to ban headphones at the library (most people use it), but it would be good to add to the policy of the blue zone to keep volume of headphones low. There is a girl at the library that always has her music too loud that I just can’t study well. I decided to ask her to lower the volume, she did it but did not like it so much, and she lowered it just a little, so I kept listening to it… It’s annoying to tell this to a person more than once. Everyone should think about the others and if they want to listen to music aloud, they should study somewhere else.


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