It’s a cruel…cool summer….

You wrote:

 At the moment I’m in the Webster Library and I have to remark on how cold it is in here! I’ve remembered to bring an extra layer because of the over-airconditioning, but I have been forced to leave and study at home instead as it is so cold during the summer. Is there any way to turn the A/C down or is it automatically regulated in some way?

Thank you for your comment.  I am sorry that you had to leave the library because it was uncomfortably cool.  It was smart of you to bring an extra layer of clothing, just in case.  Personally, I dress in layers too because I never know what to expect!!  ☺

I believe that the temperature is automatically regulated.  The Webster Library is in a large building and it can be tricky to attain a comfortable temperature for everyone.  However, I will certainly pass on your complaint to our Facilities people.  In the meantime, you might like to read some previous posts and comments on the temperature in the libraries.


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