Library fines online?

You wrote:

Why can’t i pay my library fines online?

In the situation where the library staff is away but the library is open, this is intensely frustrating.

Currently, i am trying to self-checkout books, and it is not possible – not because i’m not willing to pay my fines, but because there is no mechanism to allow me to do so.

This is not a good system.  I hope that you are able to modify and ameliorate the way your fines system works soon.

I’m sorry to hear about the inconvenience you experienced.  I can see how this situation would be frustrating.  We are not at all opposed to the idea of online fine payment, but unfortunately technical limitations prevent us from implementing such a service at the moment.

Your comment is welcome and may serve as a useful reminder for other students who are planning to check out books from the library while they owe enough fines to have blocked their borrowing privileges: 

To avoid frustration and make sure you will be able to pay for your fines and borrow books, take a look at our circulation desk hours – not just our opening hours –  before heading to the library.  For more information on fines and their payment see our detailed Fines Information page.

1 thought on “Library fines online?

  1. Anon

    Be responsible and pay your fines when you drop off late books, or the next day if the circ desk is closed when you drop them off. Or you could just return your books on time. Don’t be mad that the library doesn’t cater to your every need/whim when you’ve been irresponsible in returning your books on time.

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