Too Quiet?

You wrote:

Its TOO QUIET in here. I find that the fact that the library is so quiet
actually makes for a miserable study environment. In the old days a cracked window would bring in street noise, but in this super-silent hermetically sealed building even the lights’ hum is audible. The silence allows for the most minuscule noise […] to be all the more noticeable.

Why not be the first university library to experiment with white noise technology? Pipe in some rainforest sounds!

Thanks for the comment. You are definitely the first to use our Suggestion Box to weigh in on it being too quiet in the library, and we take this as an indication of some success in our long-standing efforts to reduce noise in the library.  When we conducted a survey  of our Webster Library users in 2009, 76% of the respondents  told us that they preferred to study in a silent environment.

Your point about small sounds being too audible in certain environments is well taken however, and could be kept in mind when we plan future renovation and improvement projects.  Yet since one person’s soothing sound may be another’s auditory nightmare we won’t be piping in any rainforest noise for now.  In case it is of interest, we  have a list of Group Study Spaces outside of Webster Library which can likely provide quite a bit more background noise.

2 thoughts on “Too Quiet?

  1. Anonymous

    This post is also an indication that there aren’t enough study spaces that accommodate light conversation at Concordia: hence all the noise complaints regarding the library on this suggestion board. Instead of having faculty libraries, like in McGill, it would be great to have department study areas. Vanier college has these type of study areas.

  2. Anonymous

    While you all may consider it a success that you have achieved quiet by getting students to stop chattering, i think you should keep the goal in mind which is to eliminate distractions. If distractions become all the more noticeable in a uber silent environment – then you have missed the point. Google white noise office and you’ll see this is becoming a trend (although not “rainforest sounds”)…..

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