Debit card machines and kudos for pilot project

You wrote:

Can you PLEASE put the card machine for printing UPSTAIRS in the library? It is so inconvenient to have it downstairs. 

Also, I want to praise you on the pilot project for study rooms- I am very pleased with this as it is extremely helpful to be able to use a room at the drop of a hat. Thank you so much!

Thank you for your comments.  First off, regarding the debit card machine, you are right, it is less convenient to have to run downstairs to add money to your card.  However, the Library does not own or operate the machines where you can buy debit cards for copying or printing. They are operated by Printing Services. So it makes sense for the machines to be near the Digital Store, where their staff can help if any problems arise with the machines. The debit card machine  also needs to be near Security, for obvious reasons.

As for the group study room pilot project, it is good to know that it is being well-received by students.  Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

1 thought on “Debit card machines and kudos for pilot project

  1. Anonymous

    Although I understand the need for security presence, instead of moving one, can a new one be placed near the circulation desk even? If anything, have it only accessible when the desk is open.

    Just a thought. There’s some on the 9th floor near the ENCS printing rooms, which is nowhere near security. So I know it’s possible.

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