Students from other schools

You wrote:

Is it possible to ask for student ID cards to access the library? Because since the beginning of the semester, the library is full, but not full of Concordia students but students from other schools. So when a real Concordian is trying to find a place to study, there is no more room…  Furthermore, they are very loud since it’s not their school.

Your comment is appreciated. We definitely want to give priority to the Concordia community when it comes to our services and facilities. Yet as a Canadian university library and a public institution and we also value the importance of keeping our doors open to other students and the general public.

So far  we have not observed a significant number of people from outside the Concordia community in the library.  Since seating space is at a premium at Webster Library especially, we are interested to know if this has changed.

If people in the library are being loud, whether students or not, we also want to know.  Please always feel free to report any disturbances to our  ‘noise ambassadors’ doing their walkabouts in the library, to our service desks, or to our Ask a Librarian live chat service. Thank you again for your feedback.

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