The Ask a Wizard

You wrote:

This is just a quick suggestion, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds the little wizard extremely annoying. He pops on the screen every time I try to use the internet. I have to chase him around with the mouse: “ASK A LIBRIANBLAHBLAH” he shouts, flying around the screen. Click. No, Right Click. Hide. He disappears into his cape, finally. I, presumably along with most University students, are perfectly capable of finding the “Ask a librarian” button by our own devices. The talking wizard is just a nuisance.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can see how this chase could be frustrating, especially when in a hurry. We are currently testing out ways of making the Ask a Librarian link more prominent on our web site itself.  Once we have finalized those changes and made them public, we will indeed be seriously considering the removal of the flying wizard from the public workstations.

2 thoughts on “The Ask a Wizard

  1. Anonymous

    I was just thinking about how irritating that wizard is. I second the motion to ban all wizardry from our computers.

  2. Mary

    I would also suggest getting rid of the wizard, from my experience it’s not been very helpful and while it’s finishing it’s animation with suggestions, it’s taking up maybe 5 or 10 seconds where you can’t do anything but let it finish. I can see the intended purpose, but it seems like there are other available ways to find the answer to a question. Maybe just a prominent search bar on the top of the page could be helpful, but I think there is one on the site now.

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