Barcode & PIN Blues

You wrote:

The option to remember (at least some part) of login information would be very much appreciated. At least for non-sensitive information, like in the forms used by banking institutions.

Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you are referring to the login screen that prompts you for your name, barcode and Library PIN.  Though the information you enter in the name field can be remembered by most browsers, it is true that the barcode and PIN are considered private information by the form and must be entered every time.

While I can’t offer any immediate and perfect solutions to this inconvenience, you might want to know about the Concordia Virtual Private Network (VPN), an alternative way of connecting from home.  You will still need your barcode and PIN for personalized services like book renewals and Article Delivery, but not to access most Concordia-only online resources such as e-journals and databases.

The VPN software must be dowloaded and configured on your computer, but that need only be done once, and  step by step instructions are available.   In addition, because the VPN allows your computer to be recognized as part of the Concordia University network, you can sometimes directly access the full text of online journal articles via Google or Google Scholar rather than having to go through the library web site. It might be worth a try!

4 thoughts on “Barcode & PIN Blues

  1. Anonymous

    By understanding how your barcode is set up, it will help you memorize it. The barcode is composed of 5 leading numbers, either 21212, 31212 or 41212 according to your status. It is then followed by your ID# and a 2-digit check digit at the end (this one changes if you get your ID replaced due to loss or theft). A brain trained by memorizing will become an asset for personal protection of information. Think about it. As for your PIN, you can always use the “Forgot your PIN?” link to reset it if necessary.

  2. Anonymous

    To the above comment, it’s not about the memorization part — that’s easy. It’s about getting the form to remember personal information on your personal computer. Saving a few seconds every time you want to login to MyClues by already having the field populated with your info. It all adds up. Though having this option could lead to problems on the public stations…

  3. library staff

    This from Gheri Celin, Manager, Access Services:
    31212 is actually for books, 21212 for students (both graduate and undergraduate), 41212 for Concordia staff and 11212 for extramural borrowers. Hope this helps!

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