Emailing CLUES entries

You wrote:

The button for texting CLUES data to a cell phone is a nice idea. How about a button for emailing CLUES data to one’s email account? Is there some quick way of doing this that I don’t see?

The CLUES entries do not copy and paste well into emails.  Compare, for instance, McGill’s MUSE page for a book entry, where I can click “mail” to send an email, or I can click “Citation” and it then displays the data, including the call number, in a compact two-line text format that can easily be copied and pasted.

Thanks for your your feedback on the CLUES option for texting information to a cell phone, and for your  question about emailing entries.

There is a pretty quick way of emailing CLUES entries to yourself, but it requires a couple of clicks instead of one handy button. If you are looking at just one CLUES entry, click on  Save, then on View Folder.  From there you can enter your email and submit the entry to yourself.

You can also send several entries to yourself at once by first checking off the entries you want on the search results page and then selecting Save Marked Items. Be sure to click on that Save Marked Items button BEFORE proceeding to the next page of results though, or you will unfortunately lose all the entries you checked off.

For more quick instructions on how to use this feature and others, such as the Export to RefWorks button,  see our CLUES help pages.

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