Holiday access: Use the Mackay entrance

You wrote:

I don’t know why it was advertised that the Webster library would be open on Thanksgiving day for studying but ALL buildings on SGW campus were closed that day. It was definitely inconvenient for study plans! It would have been better to even err on the side of the plan that all buildings would be closed, so therefore no library access!

Wow, what  a nuisance! Thanks so much for bringing your experience to our attention. We just confirmed with Security that the Webster Library building was indeed open on Thanksgiving, though only the Mackay entrance was unlocked.  It is normal practice for that entrance to be the only entry point to the building on holidays, but there are also usually signs on the other doors redirecting you accordingly.  We have now added a permanent note about the Mackay street entrance on our web site hours page under holiday openings.  We will also include this information when posting the next holiday hours on our library plasma screen, and we will try to ensure that there are notes on the locked entrances next time.  We apologize for your incovenience and thank you again for the alert.

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