Study Room a Mess

You wrote

Today, we used a study room downtown and frankly, it was very dirty and not fun to use for that reason. I think it would be important to add cleaning staff during the weekend especially since the library is opened 24hours. I can understand not having the place cleaned at night during the week but going from friday night to monday morning without proper care…..not
sure it’s the best way to go to keep the place in good shape.

Thanks for your comment. We investigated and found out that there was unfortunately a missed cleaning shift on the weekend due to illness. This may in part account for the state of the study room you used.  Hopefully the next time you will have a better experience, but do alert us if this happens again.

I wonder if the “very dirty” relates to food or drink containers left in the room by some of your fellow students?  If so, your post offers a good opportunity to remind or alert everyone that though we allow drinks in spill proof mugs, we have a ‘no food’ policy in the library (see “Keep the Environment Clean” in our Library  Code of Conduct).  There are many reasons for this policy; the right to  a comfortable work environment for all users is just one of them.  Thanks again for keeping us informed.

2 thoughts on “Study Room a Mess

  1. Fed up of trash

    A lack of cleaning staff is a nuisance, but it does not mean that we are not responsible for this mess. How about that each and every one of us do their part in keeping this place clean. There are recycling bins and trash cans throughout the library. I empty my liquids in the bathroom sinks before I toss them in the right bin. That way there are less offensive smells and the tables and/or desk that I use is readily available for the next user instead of leaving there in the hopes that a cleaner will show up soon. Come on, we are no longer teenagers. Lets do our part.

  2. Anonymous

    Easy solution: 25$ clean up fine on your library account for students who leave the room a mess. (of course that would mean locking the rooms, again).

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