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Printing Suggestion  I would like to suggest the library look at implementing the printing software used in the ENCS computer labs. The only difference between what the library uses now is when the copy card is inserted into the slot, the user must enter their netname.  After which, it only shows them items that have been sent to the printer under their netname.   

Main reason is yesterday I had sent some stuff to the printer, and went to get it about 40 minutes later. It seems like someone had accidentally printed my stuff, since I saw one of the pages lying around and nothing was left in the queue. Also, it’ll just make things easier for everyone so they see all their stuff without searching for it.

Thank you for writing to us.  Your suggestion has been forwarded to our Information Systems and Technology Division.

2 thoughts on “Printing suggestion

  1. Anonymous

    Print jobs are in the queue for an hour. At McGill its just 30 min. This means the queue is a lot shorter and you don’t have to hunt and peck through a two hundred jobs to find yours. Its a good solution, there’s no reason to wait an hour before printing your thing.
    p.s HATE the double-sided default thing

  2. Anonymous

    Actually, there is. If you’re doing work, but sent stuff to the printer, it gives you the convenience of being able to pick up your work when you please, without having to packup your stuff to retrieve a document. I agree completely with the hour queue.

    If you dislike double sided printing, you can change it to the single sided option in the print menu.

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