Webster 3rd Floor Curriculum Collection and chalk-boards

You wrote:

The books in the curriculum lab should be listed on the catalog as a separate category so that one can search for a specific topic.

Some of the study rooms should have black boards or wipe off boards to make studying for math or being tutored or group work easier.

In reply to your first suggestion, we are presently working on CLUES’s search interface to enhance searching options in this collection. In the meantime, Christopher Bober, Education Librarian, replied:

Thank you for drawing our attention to this important issue. Concordia Libraries does maintain a number of separate collections in CLUES under the heading of ‘Unique Collections’. The Webster Library 3rd floor Curriculum Resource Centre is indeed a unique collection of materials. Classifying the Curriculum Resource Centre as a unique collection will increase the overall browsability and visibility of the collection. However, the Education Librarian is concerned that classifying these items as unique collections in CLUES will render them even less retrievable than they are now. Currently, one of the few useful limit fields available on CLUES is by material type ‘Kits’. Limiting a search to ‘Kits’ will retrieve items in the Curriculum Resource Centre, but ‘Kits’ represent a very limited number of items in that collection.

For the moment, students who search CLUES for materials located in the Webster Library 3rd Floor Curriculum Resource Centre are recommended to search by their topic and then limit to one of the following subject headings: (activity programs, creative activities and seat work, educational games, lesson planning, juvenile literature, juvenile fiction, interdisciplinary approach in education, etc.). For more information, please contact Christopher Bober, Education Librarian: chris.bober@concordia.ca.

As for your second suggestion, it has been passed on to the Webster Library’s administration. FYI, the group study rooms at the Vanier Library have chalk boards. Chalk is available at the Vanier Library Circulation Desk.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

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