Missed courtesy notices

You wrote:

Suggestions–the reminder system for due books is in need of fixing. In my 3+ years at concordia, about 5-6 times I have not received a reminder. I only received an overdue email and am then subject to fines. This is particularly hard on me personally since I borrow books in large volume and may have as many as 10 books (or more) taken out on a given day.  I was told that if my account was in use when the notification would have been automatically sent out, it would not have been sent out. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. The system should automatically retry later, or it should be modified so that this does not happen. Reminders are an important part of the system, and this is a systematic failure. No doubt I should regularly check my account by logging on, but if you have a reminder system, then it should be reliable.

Which leads to me second suggestion. There should be a 1-day grace period on overdue returns. This was the case at UPENN, where I received my PHD, and it is the case in other libraries in other places. Why not institute it at Concordia? There are times when having an extra can make a big difference for people.

I am sorry to hear that you have missed email reminders of due books.  However, these email reminders are courtesy notices, nothing more.  Our policy states that,

 “The user is responsible to review checked out items and their due dates in their MyCLUES account. When the user provides an e-mail address, the Library will send a reminder of the due date and recall notices when an item has been requested by another user. Non-receipt of courtesy, recall or overdue notices does not release borrowers from their responsibility to return books on time.”
I have forwarded your suggestion for a 1-day grace period to the Circulation Services Committee.  Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

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