“Reserve” room LB-201

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As I was studying, I just spoke to someone who told me that the former interlibrary loans office which was located next to the computer labs in the downtown library, is going to be renovated and used for reserves. I am asking why is this to be? Since new carpeting has been added, and some fold up tables and chairs installed, it has become an extra space for students to study.

Yesterday there were only five tables and today there are 14 tables in total and every table is being used by someone. In fact as soon as someone leaves, another person takes the space. This study space is so necessary. I don’t understand why the students cannot have it to study when from midterms to the end of finals, its impossible to find decent study space because the students are all crowded on top of another that it becomes necessary to go off campus to study. In fact I study alot at McGill because I can’t find decent, quiet study space in this library. Every year there are more students and not enough study space for them to study. This problem isn’t new either. About three years ago, all of the departments in the LB moved up a floor to enable the library to expand onto the 5th floor. Three years later, this hasn’t happened and no new space has been added. The only two postive things which has happened was the addition of new laptops, and the designation of quiet zones.

We are desperately needing more quiet zone blue space, more space to study in this university with plugs might I also add. Because the rare vacant place during the busy season, IE October to the middle of December. I’m on my second degree and I’m tired of searching for decent study space.

Thank you very much for writing to us. We appreciate your concern and agree with you that there is a lack of study space in the Webster Library. However, we are also trying to meet other demands from our users.

As you may know, almost one year ago, undergraduate students voted in a referendum in favour of contributing funds to the Libraries to enhance services and the collection. One improvement is that the Libraries are to automatically purchase all required undergraduate textbooks and coursepacks and make them available to students. Students at the Loyola campus have benefitted from this initiative as all textbooks are now on reserve at the Vanier Library. Unfortunately, for the downtown students, this has only been possible for textbooks priced at over $50.00. This is due to space constraints. There simply is not enough room behind the Webster Library Circulation Desk to house such a large collection.

The new room that you refer to, LB-201 will be the “reserve room”. This room will provide easier access to reserve items. It is meant to be a self-service area, so students will have to face fewer line-ups!

Just down the hall from LB-201, room LB-211 has recently been refurbished. New tables have been installed with outlets for laptop use. Until the end of November, LB-211 will be used for classes. After this period, the room will become a Blue Silent Zone, with 30 seats. In the meantime, until the renovation begins, LB-201 will remain open.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write to us. Rest assured that the Concordia Libraries are aware of the space shortage downtown and are working on finding ways to offer more study space in the Webster Library.

2 thoughts on ““Reserve” room LB-201

  1. Anonymous

    Very well written comment. Its embarrassing that we need to use fold up table and chairs to study in our own library which we contribute money towards improving. How are we progressing if we need to resort to fold up tables. What’s next? Bring your own stool to the library?

  2. Anonymous

    It is embarrassing that the previous anonymous comment did not reflect upon the answer provided by the library. Proper furniture would have been too costly for the library to acquire for a short period of time. A term may feel long for students who need space to work, but a dent in a budget is hard to overcome in these years of below-par government funding for academic institutions. Even the money brought in by the CSU cannot fund so many endeavors. Choices have to be made.

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