Room Numbers on MyCLUES, Please!

You wrote:

I have a simple suggestion to make.  Once I have reserved a group study room, I usually go to MyCLUES to get the details in order to e-mail my team mates. My problem is that I am not able to see the room number that was reserved. Would it be possible to add this detail next to the date and time that the study room was reserved on MyCLUES?

Thanks very much for you great suggestion. You are not the only one who wishes room numbers appeared on the MyCLUES screen for room bookings. We also think that this would be a logical and useful feature. Unfortunately, the library system software we are using does not currently offer this option.  The room number display is definitely something on our wish list though, and perhaps with the next software upgrade this feature will be offered.

In the meantime, your best options might be to note down the room number just before clicking on Submit to process your reservation,  to text your friends with the info once you have picked up the key at the Circulation Desk. You can also phone the Circulation Desk at local 7770  to find out  about the room number, since the ‘staff view’ does  show the room number.

And some related news for those of you who often use the  study room booking feature: we have now added “Book  a Study Room”  to the Quick Links menu on the web site.

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