Subject to Recall

You wrote:

I am wondering why there is a due date on the books that we borrow that can be recalled by someone else. While I understand that others need to use the same books as I do, but then why have an extended due date at all.

I would also like to inquire as to whom I should talk to in regard to challenging the late payment as I would like to recommend that if it is before the original due date then I  shouldn’t be penalized.

Thanks for your feedback. You ask a valid question and raise an interesting point.  If  I understand correctly, you borrowed a book for 21 days and then successfully renewed it for another 21, only to later receive a notice alerting you that the item had been recalled by another user and that your loan period had been shortened.

Receiving a recall notice like this does sometimes come as a surprise, especially since it doesn’t happen very often.  Our borrowing pages do however spell it out: whether you are an undergraduate student or faculty member, the loan period indicated on your receipt is always subject to recall after the guaranteed period of 14 days.  When you receive an alert, you will be given  at least 4 days to return the item.  After that period, regular late penalties apply.

The possibility of  recalling items before they are due, common to many universities, is part of  the Libraries’ effort to achieve a balance between allowing individual students the possibility of  keeping the material they need as long as possible and offering the entire student body equitable access to our library collection. It is a difficult balance to achieve. Some libraries simply set the default loan period at 14 days;  we hope that the more generous default loan period, coupled with the option to recall, will offer students more flexibility. Thanks again for adding this new thread to our Suggestion Box.

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