Hot Chocolate Nixed

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I was recently stopped for bringing an unopened hot chocolate into the library and asked to leave until it was finished. While sitting just outside the entrance I watched another 7 people walk in with coffee cups and none of these people were stopped! Have you heard of consistency? But besides that what is the world coming to that adults can’t be trusted to have a drink with them in the library. In my country we are only restricted from carrying drinks into the collections and I’ve heard of there being a problem with that. I was only going to the third floor to study with my laptop.

Thanks for your comment.  I can see why this experience might well have felt unfair to you.  If the seven people with coffee were using spill-roof mugs, however, then there was actually no inconsistency.

As outlined in our code of conduct, only drinks in spill-proof mugs are permitted in the library.  Food residue and spilled drinks cause insect infestation and damage to library collections and furnishings. Unfortunately, experience has shown us that despite the best of intentions, accidents and spills do happen.   We have recently posted slides on our plasma screen alerting students to the drink restrictions, and we hope these will help make our policy more clear.

1 thought on “Hot Chocolate Nixed

  1. Mary

    Are the coffee containers that are allowed a particular type? I had some free coffee the other day with a lid on it, but I wasn’t allowed to bring it inside the library. Are the lids suppose to be completely closed without a little hole for drinking? Thank you

    Editors’ note: Disposable cups are not allowed. Drinks in spill proof mugs or in sealed containers are allowed in the library.

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