Respect & Common Sense

Concerns about noise continue to populate our Suggestion Box.  Here are the latest three comments:

I’m amazed at the lack of respect students have in the library. People still can’t seem to understand that you’re supposed to be quiet in a library. It’s COMMON SENSE.  Just now, a big group of guys on the fourth floor started talking, laughing and arguing very loudly and this lasted about a minute. They could be heard across the entire floor. Of course, the silence in the library was totally shattered even after that: EVERYBODY around me started whispering and talking at once. And this was in the BLUE ZONE, where it is supposed to be completely silent. This happens almost every day I’m here, and it’s completely unacceptable for a university library.

Can we PLEASE have more security across the floors enforcing the zone rules? The zones are a good idea, but they aren’t being respected at all. A lot of people still view the library as some kind of social gathering area…


The fourth flour “Orange Zone” “Quiet Study” is not so quiet at all! People do not understand the “whispering” concept and are really disturbing my  concentration!  It would be greatly appreciated if they would be reminded the definition of quiet.

I’d like to suggest the removal of the group tables (the four seat ones next to the computers) at the ends of the blue zone on the 4th floor. These tables encourage group interaction, something that should only be happening in the orange zone. I don’t even know why they’re there; it makes no sense to have the blue zone bookended by areas where people will obviously talk. I’m tired of having to quiet people down, and it’s harder to do it when you’re dealing with a larger group of people. It shouldn’t be up to me to police the students.

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to share your concerns. Be assured that we are listening and taking your feedback seriously.  We’ve come a long way since the days before the Study Zones, but we still have far to go.  In response to some of your feedback:

There will soon be an extra presence working to ensure quiet:  an additional security agent has been enlisted to  tour the floors during the entire exam period. Both the agents and staff doing walkabouts in the library are keenly aware that this can be an especially stressful time of year, when the need for quiet study is most crucial for many of you.

 When ‘whispering’ gets out of hand in the Orange Zone, feel free to come and talk to staff at a service desk, or to send a note via our Ask a Librarian live chat service, as both these avenues should be able to offer more immediate help than the Suggestion Box. Note though that defining silence is quite a bit easier than defining quiet and whispers, so heading to the Blue Zone is still your safest bet when serious concentration is a must.

Large study tables are in high demand among all students, even in the Blue Zones. It is perfectly true however that this kind of communal seating does indeed encourage interaction much more than study carrels. We have already recently replaced tables in some areas with carrels, and will absolutely consider replacing more.

And some good news: a new Blue Zone is now open on the second floor. Library classroom LB 211,  equipped with 30 laptops and designated a Silent Study area, will be available to the general student population until the end of the semester. Take a look a the opening hours on the What’s New announcement.

2 thoughts on “Respect & Common Sense

  1. Anonymous

    Bottom line, today it was too noisy, I go to complain, they call security which will come eventually, I try to find a new spot to study, 90% of tables are taken, 10% are taken by belongings but not people, 0% are free, I go home. Posters are great…. Results are better.

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