Creaky chairs giving the blues

You wrote:

I understand that there is a blue zone in the library and lets assume people follow the rules for this zone. There is a serious issue with these wood chairs! You cant really ask students not to move while they are sitting. I think its best if you change all these uncomfortable wood chairs, with something more modern and safe for our backs. Studies show that a person retains much more when he or she is in a comfortable position. Hope to see the change by the time we come back from winter break.

Thanks for the suggestion. Your point is well taken. There are still some areas in the Vanier library with older wooden chairs, including blue Silent Study zones.   Though your holiday wish for new chairs after the winter break won’t immediately be coming true, we are working on gradually replacing the wooden chairs with quieter and more comfortable upholstered ones as resources permit.

In the meantime, this might be a helpful hint: on the first floor of the Vanier Library, all of the chairs in the Blue Zones are of the upholstered, quieter variety.  Good luck with your study sessions!

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