Outlets for laptops and spaces without

You wrote:

Yes, I know that that I am far from the only person to suggest/complain about this, but we really do need more electrical outlets for use with laptops. The library is a truly excellent place to come and write papers, but as most (ie ALL) teachers want papers typewritten, students need their laptops to do this, and there are simply not enough outlets to accommodate all students, especially during exam time.

I fully support the idea of having laptop free zones (if I’m just here to read or take notes, the sound of keys can be extremely annoying) , but in any area that is not laptop free, there really ought to be a plug provided for every individual study nook, and of course, a couple available for the group study tables.

Thank you for your comments. It is true that you are not the first person to  request more electrical outlets for laptops nor to advocate for laptop-free zones, but it certainly never hurts to add your voice to the chorus. We are definitely still planning on adding electrical outlets throughout the library, at the latest in the summer of this year. It  also makes sense to keep the possibility of laptop-free silent areas  in mind when planning for the placement of these power outlets. Thanks again for the twin ideas.

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