Noise, noise, noise

As finals get in full swing, your encounters with noise disturbances are also hitting their peak. Here are some excerpts of your comments:

I’m trying to work at Webster library and it is so noisy: people are eating, talking, using their phones and even singing! It is unbelievable the lack of respect and consideration undergraduate students have. Their behavior is totally unacceptable. But what is even worse is that there isn’t any library personnel available to make sure this does not happen.


Its finals and I love coming to the library to study but for some reasons it is always noisy on the 3rd and 4th floor. You guys should do more visit around the library to make sure that the locations established as quiet zones and blue zones are respected because at the moment they are not. It would make our exam period more productive and efficient. Thank you.


I honestly think the way the library furniture is laid out to be the root causing noise problems. There’s no noise problem at Loyola or even some sections at Webster (2nd floor) The entire 4th floor is just horrible at Webster. It might as well be annexed as a student lounge. The way the tables are laid out allow for students to get away with being loud and disrespectful with garbage. Get rid of having tables along the perimeter of the library 4th floor and try to lay out the tables in an arrangement like at Loyola.

Thank you for your comments, suggestions and complaints — all of them are legitimate. During this stressful time of year, however, perceptions also play a role when it comes to noise and disturbances.  Though it may not feel like staff and security agents are visiting the floors often enough, we are taking the time to rove in the different areas of the library and offer assistance.

And though there have definitely been cases in which students are  – knowingly or unknowingly –  not respecting the Study Zones and food policies,  we have also found that many of you are making a concerted effort to work together in quiet despite the cramped quarters. This is especially the case in the Blue Zones and in the areas with study carrels.  The idea of rearranging furniture, especially the long rows of study tables, is therefore a good one. It has been suggested before and is being considered.

Note also that though we are always happy to receive your anonymous comments, if you are writing about very specific incidents it is sometimes difficult to get the whole story in a single post. Please feel free to include your email or other contact information, and we will be glad to follow up with you personally. The more we know about your difficulties, the more solutions we can offer.

Finally, it’s hard to say if undergraduates are necessarily any less considerate than other students and researchers, but if you are writing as graduate student, note that you can reserve one of the  graduate study carrels located in separate rooms on the 4th floor of the Webster library, and on the 3rd floor of the Vanier library.

2 thoughts on “Noise, noise, noise

  1. Anonymous

    If the library is so short on space, is it really necessary to reserve rooms for a handful of graduate students? Shouldn’t, if anything during exams, this be made available to everyone?

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