Daycare noise

You wrote:

Why is there a daycare in the Library, and why is it so close to study space? Would professors and graduate students like the daycare next to their offices?  Undergraduates feel the same. I understand that this service provides a great deal of assistance to those with children, but it should be at the expense of students who are paying for this space.

Thank you for writing to us.  The daycare you are writing about is not a part of the Library.  It is the Observation Nursery/Preschool that is part of the Education Department, on the 5th floor of the McConnell Building (LB).  We are aware of the disturbance this can cause.  In fact, last year, the steps in that stairwell were sealed off with Plexiglas.  We hoped that in this way the light would still shine through, between the steps, and the sound would be muffled. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be working well.

We will continue to look for ways to improve the situation.  Once again, thank you for writing to us.

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