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Is anything going to be done about overcharging at the printing stations? Often when printing something double sided, particularly when it’s an odd number of
pages, the machines round up.

For example, if something is 7 pages, the machine charges you the equivalent of 8 pages. There is no blank page at the end of the document. It’s genuinely 7 pages. I asked someone at the reference desk, and she told me its a known issue but there’s nothing they can do.

For someone who does a lot of printing, where a lot might be an odd number of pages, eventually it does add up. Is the library aware of the problem? If so, what is being done about it?

You’re right, this added cost does add up.  I asked our Systems Support Manager why this was happening. 

Early in 2009, the Libraries implemented double-sided printing in order to save paper and to help the environment.  Unfortunately, a problem was discovered with our print management software:  whenever a double-sided print job for web pages has an odd-number page count, the page count is rounded up to an even number. Consequently, a one-page print job will have two sides printed, a three-page print job will have four sides printed, and so on. Hence, students get charged an extra side for these print jobs. As far as we know, this only happens for web pages (HTML files).

Luckily, we have received few complaints concerning this problem. Students who do complain are usually glad to withdraw their complaint and accept the extra charge when it is pointed out that the problem is currently unresolvable and when they are reminded that double-sided printing saves paper and helps the environment.

Meanwhile, we hope this web-page printing problem will be resolved with future upgrades of our print management software and/or with new print drivers, but we cannot say when this will be. The Digital Store is also proposing a new network printing service for the Library’s public workstations. If the Library decides to adopt this service, then this would also eliminate the problem.

Thank you very much for asking such an interesting question.

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  1. anonymous

    Actually, this also happens with MS Office Word. One way to prevent overcharging is to save the document as a pdf document before printing.

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