Getting oriented

You wrote:

Considering the library is the spirit center of a university, it is essential for all students to be familiar with the library. Like in any other big universities, our libraries are also complicated and we even have two campuses. In a word, I strongly suggest the library offer some orientation tours for all students to the libraries in two campuses. The activity might be held once per week.

Thank you for your suggestion. It’s great to hear students tell us that we are at the heart of university life — we feel that way too! And it is also very true that the workings of university libraries can seem complicated and even intimidating, especially at first.

We definitely do offer orientations to all students, so cheers to you for bringing this up. We are giving tours of both the Vanier and Webster libraries, several times per week, until January 14.   We have also begun our series of Library Essentials Workshops. These consist of hands-on orientation sessions held in our library classrooms, guiding you through the services and resources we offer.  You might want to start with the all-purpose session “What the library can do for you” and then follow up with one or more of the workshops geared to specific subject areas and needs.  Your choices this semester include:  “Humanities and social sciences essentials”, “RefWorks: the bibliography builder”, “Discover Engineering Village” and “Searching in PubMed”.  For a schedule, as well as descriptions of these tours and instruction sessions, just look for the Workshops link on our homepage and under our Help & Instruction tab.

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