Distracting temperature in the Vanier Library

You wrote:

It is distractingly cold in the top two floors of the Vanier library. Can something be done to remedy this?  

I am sorry to hear that you were uncomfortably cold in the Vanier Library.  You sent your comment on Monday afternoon, at around 4:30, when it was very cold outside.  The Vanier Library is especially susceptible to outside temperature as it has large windows.  Unfortunately, we only saw your message on Tuesday morning and by then, the temperature in the library had regulated itself and students working on those two floors seemed to be sitting and working comfortably in sweaters and t-shirts.

 Next time this happens, please report it in person to a service desk.  Especially during the day, we will call Physical Services and they are very good about sending someone over to fix the problem.  Even after regular working hours, please report it to a service desk and it will be looked into first thing the next day.

Thank you for taking the time to report this.  It can be difficult to concentrate on your work when you are feeling cold.

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