Conversations too loud for comfort

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Can something be done about the use of cell phones and socializing outside the computer lab on the 2ndfloor (Room 203)?  I find it so annoying when I am trying to work in the Blue Zone 2nd floor computer lab (203) and regularly there are people having loud conversations – either socializing with other students or having long conversation on their cell phones – right outside the computer lab door. The hallway outside the computer lab echoes. This is meant to be a blue zone where students can concentrate in peace & quiet without hearing loud conversations.

Thanks for your feedback. You are right on the mark with this comment, and it is well timed. We will again be starting our regular rounds of the Webster library study zones  now that the term is back in full swing, and the lobby and stairways have been flagged as the areas that are still in need of the most improvement.  The lobby is a tricky area to keep quiet as some students don’t quite realize that it is actually an integral part of the library, and that the sounds of their conversations do echo and travel. We’re still searching for the most effective way of making the necessary cultural shift, but in the meantime your reminders are important and  welcome.

One thought on “Conversations too loud for comfort

  1. Anonymous

    Forget the hallway! How about loud conversations and laughter (even loud whispers) in the LB 203 computer lab which is designated as a silent, blue zone? After waiting 10 minutes, I quietly told students that this is a silent zone. It is sad that we’re resorted to moralizing 20 year old students who think the mere act of being told to be quiet is strange.

    As a 2006 Concordia alumna who has just started another degree, it is very frustrating that the implosion of gadgets on the market has also increased immaturity and lack of consideration and respect for others. However, it seems that people’s perception of the library has altered considerably.

    My comment is not news as I regularly read the blog, but I couldn’t help but add my own two cents’ worth to the already full roster of noise complaints at Concordia libraries.

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