Noise complaints starting early

In the last two weeks, we have received a number of comments regarding noise in the libraries. Here is some of what you wrote:

Hi – I love the idea of the blue and orange zones, but they’ll really need more enforcement.

Saturday at midnight I was on the fourth floor and a few cubicles away from me a student was bviously playing some online game on his laptop and would speak perfectly audibly to his gaming friends — not even attempting to whisper. I assume the online Ask a Librarian function is not working at that time so I would have to go downstairs and speak to a security guard?….


More must be done to make people be quite in the “Blue zones”. I had such a hard time focussing on what I was reading for my course. I don’t want to get poor grades because some moron was talking too loudly about what they did on the weekend….


More needs to be done about the noise level and eating in the library. Both are highly distracting for those of us who take their studies seriously.


This webster librabry is way to small. Concordia wants to accept more students every year, always increasing the number of student’s however have they forgotten that these students they accept need a place to work and study, one that they cannot currently provide. I takes minutes before you can find an open desk, and if you have a laptop and are in need of a free electrical outlet or surge protector extension, good luck…..

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to write to us. You are helping to keep us aware that the Libraries are well-used and that most students are seriously concerned about preserving a quiet atmosphere. Let us take this opportunity to remind everyone that complaints about noise can be reported to staff during service hours.   After service hours, they can be directed to the security guard stationed at the library entrance. We would also like to remind everyone to simply, “keep it down”! When entering the library, we all need to remember that we are entering a place of study and reflection. For more information, please see the Libraries’ Code of Conduct.

One thought on “Noise complaints starting early

  1. Anonymous

    I agree that there is insufficient enforcement of the zones. Especially Blue. I was studying at the Loyola campus inside the Blue Zone study area on the ground floor and a group came in and began watching videos. They were asked to be quiet after about 10 minutes began chatting and watching videos again. The next day, at the downtown campus, working in a blue zone, there are people chatting on cell phones or listening to music out loud, having conversations, if possible, can there please be more enforcement of the zones? I don’t mind people goofing off, watching videos etc as long as they keep it quiet.

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