What was that book I borrowed again??

You wrote:

I am Graduate student. As I am doing research from past two years, I come across lot of books that I borrow through the library loans. I also take loans from other universities like McGill and ETS Montreal. One thing I miss over here in MyCLUES at Concordia is that I cannot keep track of my “Loan History”.  It really helps the research students, as we have to go to through large number of books, and this reminds us of the titles we borrowed sometimes.  This would be a great help when we are writing our theses. I think it will help all the students in Concordia, if you introduce “Loan History” option in MyCLUES.

Thank you for this suggestion, and for your well-reasoned explanation. A loan history in MyCLUES could indeed be a very handy feature, especially for students who borrow books often and like to keep track of what they’ve been reading.  Due to some bugs that need fixing, however, we will have to wait for the next upgrade to our library system software (scheduled for the summer) before seriously looking at the possibility of implementing this function.  We will definitely keep you posted on any new developments related to this issue.

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