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Please establish connection with Books24x7 Inc. as they offer books online as electronic files (only) that can be accessed by many Montréal university student such as McGill , UdeMon, HEC… except Concordia students!

Thanks for the suggestion. While we don’t have a subscription to Books 24X7, we do currently offer thousands of online books through a variety of publishers and vendors such as ebrary, IEEE, MyiLibrary,  NetLibrary, Oxford Scholarship Online,  and  SpringerLink.  The books can be viewed, searched or browsed online by Concordia students from any computer connected to the Internet. Some of the publishers, such as Oxford, Springer, and IEEE use the PDF format and allow downloading of individual chapters. Other publishers have their own online readers.

Your best bet for locating our online books  is to simply search CLUES:  use Advanced Search and select the Limit Options Internet and Book. For example, to find online books related to quantum physics:

If you have more questions or comments about specific ebook collections feel free to write us again or to Ask a Librarian.

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