Don’t Lose Your Work – Save Right!

You wrote:

I don’t understand why a document that I downloaded from my email was not saved in a temporary folder … I am crying tears of immense frustration… I just lost so much work because you make [things] difficult that shouldn’t be.

Thanks for your comment.  Hopefully this post will help other library users avoid the painfully frustrating experience you described: losing a serious amount of work  while writing/editing a paper on one of our public workstations or laptops.   While some of the restrictions on our computers may seem arbitrary and unintuitive, they are considered absolutely necessary by our systems department to ensure both privacy and a working computer for each new user logging on to a workstation.

To make sure you don’t lose any of your work while using a library computer:

  1. Never work directly on a file that you accessed  from your email, usb key or other external device. Always save to the My Documents folder first and then work on the file. 

  2. Files in the My Documents folder and on the desktop are deleted when you log off.  You should periodically copy your files back to your usb key (or send them as an email attachment) while you are working, or at the very latest before you log off the computer.

If anything about these tips seems unclear, don’t hesitate to Ask a Librarian for more details. If any of you have more tips or advice for avoiding tears and frustration during these last few weeks of  term, feel free to pass them on to us.

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