Computer Lab Closings

You wrote:

I’d just like to preface this complaint with an acknowledgement of the library’s fantastic array of opportunities for computer access, from the extensive number of laptops to the many labs. However, many students find it incredibly frustrating that the small lab on the main floor is often blocked off for workshops, often only catering to 4-5 students, as was the case when I passed by today. I acknowledge that allowing students in and out is incredibly dirruptive during a workshop, but especially during final papers and exam season, closing off an entire lab for four students seems ludicrous. Is this the only ‘teaching lab’ that is available, or can students be compelled to sign up for a workshop, with a room correspondingly booked depending on this number?

Thank you for the thoughtful comment.  Both your encouraging feedback and your expression of concern are appreciated.  We are very sensitive to the fact that the library computer labs are in much demand throughout the year, but especially during this final period of the semester. There are only two labs at Webster library available for hands-on training, whether for students, faculty or even library staff. When we close one of these labs for only a handful of people, be assured that it is definitely because it was our very last available option. On the day you are mentioning, the lab LB 203 was booked for  a period for the training of new librarians to be working at the Reference Desk.

If you are interested in finding out about the opening hours and booked times of our two labs, LB 203 and LB 211 (laptop lab), you can consult weekly schedules posted near the door of labs. You can also always enquire  about those schedules via Ask a Librarian.  Thanks again for this reminder about the importance of the computer labs to the student population.

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