Space to study

You wrote:

I’m a student at Concordia, and today I had to sit in the floor to get a spot to study in the library. Please do something about this situation. Please card people. I saw high school students in the library. We need to study.

Thank you for your comment and suggestion. The space constraints downtown are currently a central concern for the Libraries. We are working on ways to find more seating at Webster and are always in conversation at the University about the overall study space shortage for students.

While your frustration at seeing high school students is understandable, as a public institution we do not want to completely close our doors to the general community. We do however limit access to the library to users with Concordia ID during our ‘night shift’ between 11 pm and 8:30 am.  According to our observations during the day, people from outside Concordia constitute a very small percentage of the population in the library. We are always monitoring the situation, however, and appreciate your input.

Finally, here are a few practical tips worth considering, especially during  exam study time:

  • The Vanier library is now open 24 hours on an ongoing basis. It offers a quiet setting with plenty of window seats,  and is never quite as busy as downtown.
  • The earlier in the morning, the more seats available at both Webster and Vanier libraries.
  • A recent article in Concordia’s NOW lists some alternative study areas that you might also want to consider.

Thanks again to all who have been writing about this shared preoccupation at Concordia.

One thought on “Space to study

  1. Anonymous

    The library is virtually empty until 11:00 am. Students should make a point of waking up earlier to study. School is a career, get used to waking up early and you’ll rid yourself of a ton of stress during finals.

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