Sounding off about the Noise

We continue to receive more feedback about noise in the library than about any other issue. We can’t post all of your words, but we do take note of all of the comments, complaints, and suggestions we receive.  Here are some recent excerpts:

I have seen an improvement in the levels of silence at the library, but still there are lots of people that do not respect the blue zones. Seeing that final exams are coming, I am hoping you can make a campaign to improve these a bit more…..

Carleton’s library has taken an approach I’d like the library here to consider: “Those who disturb others with cell phone ringers and conversations will be asked by staff to show their campus cards. Names and student numbers will be noted and repeat offenders fined according the Library Regulations for creating a disturbance.”

Please come down hard on noise offenders.

… I prefer quiet study, so I always go to the orange zones and every time there will be groups staying there, talking, and “whispering”….. when you’re 3 tables away from the person “whispering” it is not considered as whispering anymore….

When did the workstations at Webster become part of the orange zone? It is near impossble to work with everyone talking around me. Where can someone use workstations  in a silent environment??

I don’t know anyone who actually tries to work in the Webster library anymore. Every one of my friends that I’ve talked to about it has the same problem of there being no enforcement in silent study spaces…. I think a
little more initiative from security staff in asking people to be quiet before another student has to make a complaint would help a lot. Thanks.

It is unbelievable how noisy are the orange zones!!!  Where can I complain about this matter on ‘real time’. I hate to say that leaving a comment is not going to make much for me now… but I’d like to make some NOISE about this issue!!

2 thoughts on “Sounding off about the Noise

  1. Anonymous

    Post exams comment:
    Loyola works well. Students are generally quiet, and library staff are reponsive to students concerns.

    Downtown library is a zoo. Students are noisy, answering cell phones, talking with each other, and could not care less about their fellow student. Library staff are, rightfully so, too busy at their stations to be responsive to student concerns and are unable to help. Security is never to be found walking around.

    Real shame that one of Montreal’s largest English Universities cannot maintain a proper study area during exam period on the same location that exams occur.

    Maybe next time they’ll change the policies… Or maybe not. I can hope though.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s amazing how inconsiderate Webster patrons are.
    I’ve studied at both libraries this exam period.
    Vanier library people are quiet. At Webster, people
    talk then look you in the eyes and say that they’re
    not talking.

    Concordia library: I beg of you. Next exam period,
    enforce harsh penalties. Exams only occur downtown,
    and we need a silent library there. People should get
    1 warning, and then they’re out. No questions asked.
    This is University, not high school

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