Course Reserve Room: Dropping Off Returns

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The new course reserved book room is a really great idea, however when we return books, even if they are on time and the staff decide that they would like to leave early, how are we sure we will not get fined for the books we returned in the drop off box? Perhaps there should be a check in system for when we need to return the books in the drop off box.

Thank you for your question.  You are the first student to write to us about our new Course Reserve Room at Webster Library, and we’re glad that you like the idea.  The Book Return Box in this room is constantly monitored and items are checked in almost immediately. This is to ensure not only that unmerited late fines are not applied, but also that returned course items become available to the next students without delay.

The room opens during regular circulation service hours and staff working there will definitely not leave early. And if your books happen to be due after the Reserve Room opening hours, you actually benefit from some extra borrowing time as our check-in system does not apply fines for any of the hours during which the room is closed. Just be sure to return your items in the box before the room opens again in the morning!  We look forward to hearing more from all of you about this new venture.

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  1. Anonymous

    Who moderates these? Still waiting for a comment to be posted…

    Editor’s Note: The Suggestion Box Editors moderate all content, including comments. Though we read all comments and forward them to the appropriate departments when necessary, not all are automatically published, especially when the content is unclear to us or we think we might be misinterpreting it. Be sure to include your email if you require a response. For more details on our editorial policies, see About the Suggestion Box.

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