Initial reactions to upgraded CLUES

On July 5, the Libraries launched an upgraded version of CLUES, our catalogue.  On the first day of the launch, we had some reaction to it.  You wrote:

I much prefer your original home page: it was simple , elegant, and easy to navigate. This looks like a change for the sake of change…..

…More steps are involved to do searches than the previous set-up.  Newer do not always mean better….

Thank you for your comments.  While the look and feel of  CLUES have changed, the main functionalities have not.  We are taking advantage of the summer months, however, to fine-tune the interface and to introduce some new features.  For example, an optional Reading History will remember the titles that you have borrowed from the library. To find out more see our July 5 What’s New announcement.

If you have any specific concerns , compliments, or suggestions to make about the new CLUES, please share them with us.  Your feedback is much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Initial reactions to upgraded CLUES

  1. Old timer

    Unlike this user, I prefer the new look of CLUES. Maybe the fact that I have been at Concordia a long time makes me appreciate it more. By logging in to myCLUES first and then doing all my searches, including looking for a database, makes this new CLUES a lot more user-friendly. It is like a one-stop shop. Thank you for this upgrade!

  2. Anonymous

    Why can’t you view and renew books on the Myclues portal now?
    This is the most important feature of the personal account!!!!

    Editor’s note:
    You can definitely still renew books via MyCLUES. Simply click on the link to your “Items checked out” and the Renew options will appear. If you are experiencing these kinds of technical difficulties, please remember to use Ask a Librarian or include an email with your comment so that we can be sure to get back to you with this important information.

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