Student longs for staff walkabouts

You wrote:

I have seen the noise complaints on your “leave a comment” page. I want to add another. I have not seen any library personnel patrolling the library to enforce some kind of code.

The blue zones are not quiet. Some people even have their cell phone conversations in them out loud. Is Concordia made of civilized people?

The problem is that it takes one or two people to ruin the atmosphere for everyone. Please patrol.

Thank you for reading our suggestion box and for contributing to it!  Unfortunately, we do not have staff patrolling the library in the summer months.  At this time of the year, there is less personnel available to do these walkabouts.  Also, because it is quieter in the summer, there is a greater selection of study space for students, thus alleviating the need for patrols.  Floor plans of the study spaces are available at:

Let us take this opportunity to remind everyone that complaints about noise can be reported to staff during service hours.   After service hours, they can be directed to the security guard stationed at the library entrance.  And… a gentle reminder to everyone to keep it quiet.  Like this student wrote, it only takes one or two people to ruin it for everyone else.

One thought on “Student longs for staff walkabouts

  1. Anonymous

    Cell phone conversations in the library should be banned. The computer lab on the 2nd floor is apparently a blue zone. But the sound of people socializing or shouting into their cellphones from the hallways echoes into the computer room – making concentration in the computer lab difficult as this noise pollution is incredibly distracting. Its irritating that people can be socializing or having long, loud cell phones in the hallways and not be considerate of other people needing quiet in order to work.

    I propose that the security guard near the circulation desk can kindly ask people shouting into their cellphones to go outside the library – as this noise travels into the computer lab.

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